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New! Continuous MVR monitoring
Driving record monitoring

Ongoing monitoring of driving records can help employers avoid risk and improve driver safety. Learn about the benefits of adding Verified Credentials' newest solution to your screening strategy.

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Learn the latest trends in employment background checks. This report uses real-life usage data to uncover how employers are screening across industries.

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Verified Credentials is a leading background screening company. Since 1984, we’ve helped validate and secure relationships through the use of our comprehensive screening solutions. We offer a wide variety of background checks, verifications, and innovative screening tools.

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Accredited background screening solutions


Our accreditation confirms that our policies, processes, and employee training meet rigorous industry compliance standards.

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Healthcare industry

Healthcare industry solutions

We offer background checks and verification services tailored to the health care industry. We help ensure that your staff and volunteers meet both national standards and the expectations of your facility.

Background screening solutions for your healthcare workforce.

The healthcare industry is one of the most regulated and complex sectors in the world. You need to hire and retain qualified, trustworthy, and compliant staff and volunteers who can deliver quality care to your patients. But how do you ensure that you are making the right hiring decisions and maintaining a safe and secure work environment?

That’s where we come in. We are a leading provider of background checks and verification services for the healthcare industry. We have the experience, technology, and support to help you streamline your screening process, comply with regulations, and reduce risks and liabilities.

Verified Credentials can help you:

  • Comply with federal regulations

  • Protect patient safety and privacy

  • Manage risks and minimize liabilities

  • Reduce liability

Doctor and patient

Annual rechecks

Periodic rechecks for ongoing monitoring.

As a healthcare employer, you need to ensure that your employees are compliant and qualified at all times. That’s why we offer periodic rechecks or recurring background check updates, a service that allows you to conduct background checks on your existing employees at regular intervals. With our bulk order processing solution, you can:

  • Comply with regulations for periodic background checks
  • Detect and prevent misconduct that could harm your patients or organization
  • Reduce liability and litigation costs by acting on employee status changes
  • Enhance patient safety and quality of care by verifying employee qualifications

Manage risks and liabilities with customized screening programs.

We understand that different roles in your organization have different screening needs and risk levels. That’s why we offer a comprehensive assessment of your current screening process and help you design a customized screening program that meets your specific requirements.

We offer all the screenings necessary for the healthcare field, such as:


Experience you can trust

With a focus on the health care market, we provide services to more than 700 health care facilities and 900 medical education programs nationwide.


Support when you need it

We take pride in our responsiveness. When you call during business hours, you get to speak to a live team member, fast. Better yet, each customer has a dedicated account manager to help with large-scale questions or concerns.

Bulk screening projects

Bulk screening projects for recurring checks

We handle bulk projects for Office of the Inspector General (OIG) reports, criminal searches and driving record searches that you may need to update periodically for employees.

User-friendly solutions built with efficiency in mind.

We’ll tailor an online screening account for your organization that aligns with your existing onboarding process. Stay on top of your screening program with access to tools that make seeing the big picture a snap. Our convenient online tools will save your staff time. And time equals money.

Technology features include:

  • Tools to track and manage background checks

  • Billing and invoicing by location, product or candidate

  • Secure authentication with user account expiration, to ensure data privacy

  • Ability for account administrators to manage users’ access

  • Reporting available by location

  • Ability to collect and store release forms and agreements

  • Access to all archived candidate reports. Sort by user, date, reference number, or location.

Our exclusive technology makes the screening process easy for your staff to manage. Learn more about our proprietary technology systems:

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Let us help you quickly hire in the healthcare field.

We are a trusted partner for large healthcare systems and hospitals nationwide. Get to know how we can help you: