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New! Continuous MVR monitoring
Driving record monitoring

Ongoing monitoring of driving records can help employers avoid risk and improve driver safety. Learn about the benefits of adding Verified Credentials' newest solution to your screening strategy.

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    Case studies: Driver monitoring

    Employee driving


    Number of employees: 1,100+ / Locations: Across 3 states


    Since 1976, a Colorado-based leader in the machine and engine industry has managed a workforce of over 1,100 drivers across several states. Due to the decentralized nature of its operations, the company faced significant challenges in managing driver compliance and safety. With varying state regulations and multiple data sources, the company consistently struggled to oversee driver violations and qualifications.


    To address these challenges, the company adopted a continuous driver monitoring system. This solution enabled the company to get quicker updates on driver qualifications, critical record changes, and upcoming license renewals. Moving from annual reviews to continuous monitoring enhanced the company's ability to quickly identify and address high-risk drivers, improving overall safety and compliance.


    Since implementing continuous MVR monitoring, driver management has improved significantly and quickly. High-risk drivers are now identified more efficiently, and the company maintains better compliance with safety regulations. By receiving regular, detailed reports, the company has been able to better align safety protocols, save time monitoring driving behavior, and save money. The system's user-friendly interface has been well-received by stakeholders too, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency and safety standards across multi-state operations.

    Reviewing employee driving record


    Number of employees: 1,500+


    An oilfield services company operating in North America struggled to maintain an active list of individuals driving personal vehicles on company time. Keeping track of employee driving habits was difficult, and the company had a strong desire to find a proactive solution with high-risk drivers. Often, employees were unaware that their licenses had been suspended, creating further liability issues for the company.


    Following an audit, the company implemented continuous driver monitoring to keep up with ongoing updates and development of motor vehicle record (MVR) reviews. Continuous MVR monitoring helped provide critical and unmatched insight into the driving behavior of their entire employee base, allowing comprehensive, manageable, and more transparent monitoring of all employees.


    Continuous driver monitoring and a proactive intervention strategy significantly improved the company's motor vehicle safety program. This not only simplified the management of their driver list but also:

    • Helped the company avoid significant increases in insurance premiums during renegotiations.
    • Achieved a higher level of safety and operational efficiency by maintaining a thorough understanding of employees' driving behaviors.

    Keep a closer eye on driving records and save time too.

    Save time and money on hidden costs, and get a better picture of driver safety with automated updates on changes to driver records: